National Wrecking Company provides safe and timely demolition services and related work to every client, utilizing state of the art equipment and superior work practices.

National Wrecking is based in Chicago and operates throughout the United States. We have been under the same family management since we incorporated in Illinois in 1954. During this time, we have demolished in excess of 100,000 structures for over 1,500 different clients. We have completed in excess of 6,100 contracts involving as many as 700 structures in a single contract.

Our experience includes the demolition of heavy industrial buildings, skyscrapers, large commercial structures, bridges, refineries, smokestacks, towers and residential properties. Our services include total structural demolition, interior demolition, partial demolition, tank removal, and the removal and disposal of special and hazardous waste.

We also provide a full range of environmental services including (1) asbestos, lead paint, and mold abatement, (2) underground storage tank removal, and (3) soil and biological waste remediation. We own all of our equipment such as cranes, loaders, excavators, hydraulic breakers, trucks, compressors and hand tools necessary to perform any type of demolition work.

Our unique combination of experience, knowledge, technical expertise, trained personnel, on-site supervision, comprehensive safety measures, and sophisticated equipment has made us the leader in our industry.

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